If there is one subject that sends stationery suppliers  into a seething rage – its the cost of copier paper !

Copier paper keeps going up and we are going to see an increase tomorrow and there are whispers that it will go up again in a few months time……..paper is a global commodity, the reasons behind the rises are inevitably complicated.

The reasons given so far are

  1. The Euro and Dollar exchanges
  2. Brexit ( what a surprise )
  3. Shortage of Pulp
  4. Rising energy costs
  5. Reduction  in the use of plastic packaging

Reason number 5 really surprised me, but when you think about it, it is obvious.  Manufacturers are being encouraged to use less plastic, but we the public still want our goods safely and securely packaged and going back to old fashioned paper and cardboard seems to be the answer. Packaging manufacturers demand for paper and pulp has gone up and the Paper Merchants are struggling to keep up with demand, therefore where there are shortages, there are usually price rises.

I think it is probably a combination of all of the above.

Copier Paper and indeed all types of paper are  a commodity that we cant do without, but there is a lot we can do to help  ourselves to save on costs. Companies are always trying to go paperless and it is a really hard thing to do.  We just have to have a something to hold in our hand to read or something to scribble on or write a note on, tablets  are just not doing it for us ! So below are a few ideas – I am sure you have heard them all before but it bears repeating.

  • Don’t print so much out …….really think about it before you hit that print button
  • Print on both sides….remember your mum telling you to draw on the other side when you asked her for a new bit of paper ?
  • Use the cheaper stuff ie 75 grms for internal use…….it does not get chewed up by your printers because it is a lesser weight ( urban myth )
  • Email more and post less
  • Use less copier paper means you will spend less on cartridges and save even more money

I know it is my interests as the owner of an Office Supplies company that you all use lots of copier paper, but if we can use a bit less hopefully supplies will increase and prices will stabilise. I dont think for one moment there will be a decrease any time soon.